Zeldin: It’s A Tight Race

September 3, 2022

Today, Congressman Lee Zeldin (R, NY-1), the Republican Party and Conservative Party nominee for Governor, released the following statement after a poll conducted by The Trafalgar Group and InsiderAdvantage shows Congressman Zeldin gaining ground on Governor Kathy Hochul and has Congressman Zeldin with 43.4% and Kathy Hochul with 47.8%.

“Whether it’s every new scandal coming from Kathy Hochul, more law-abiding New Yorkers becoming victims due to pro-criminal laws, and New Yorkers fleeing the state thanks to punishing taxes and an ever rising cost of living, people are fed up with Hochul’s feckless leadership. This latest poll shows that New Yorkers are starting to see who the real Kathy Hochul is, a corrupt, out-of-touch, weak Governor driving the state in the wrong direction. I’m focused on the issues facing everyday New Yorkers, like repealing cashless bail, firing rogue District Attorneys who refuse to enforce the law, safely extracting natural resources, improving the quality of education in our schools, and so much more. This poll underscores our unprecedented momentum and Team Zeldin is NOT slowing down. There is no county too big or too small, and we will continue to reach New Yorkers all throughout our state who are hitting their breaking point under one-party rule and Kathy Hochul. On November 8th, we are going to FIRE Kathy Hochul and restore New York to glory.”