0% Tax Increase Proposed For Canisteo-Greenwood

May 22 2020

From Canisteo-Greenwood School Superintendent Tom Crook:

Within a few days, you will be receiving this year’s ballots for voting on the 2020-2021 school budget. This is an unprecedented time due to the fact that there will be no in-person voting stations, and the entire vote will be done by absentee ballot. With all of the uncertainty of what this closure holds for us in the near and far future, we have decided that presenting you with a 0% tax increase budget is the right thing to do. Before you mark your ballot and send it back, please take some time to read through the budget newsletter and attend the public budget hearing this coming Wednesday, May 27th at 6pm. The presentation will be done through a Zoom session. The link will be posted on our website and Facebook the day of the presentation. We will also send it to you via email and text.

This year’s voting will be extremely important because there will be no time for a second vote if the first budget does not pass. If the budget does not pass on June 9th, the district will be forced to go into a contingency budget for the 2020-2021 school year. Remember, in a contingency budget all extra-curricular activities (sports, clubs, field trips, outside groups using the facilities, etc.) would be suspended.

The budget votes will be counted Tuesday June 9th. Any ballot received after 5pm on June 9th cannot be counted. We are encouraging our voters to mail in your ballots no later than June 2nd to ensure a delivery.

Click hear to read the budget newsletter before it arrives in your mailbox.

If you have any question, please feel free to reach out.

Yours in service,

Tom Crook