Steuben County Has Sent Out Absentee Ballot Forms

May 22, 2020

From Steuben County:

The Steuben County Board of Elections reports absentee ballot applications are in the mail for all registered voters eligible to vote in primary elections on June 23, under NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s executive order. Steuben will hold primaries for the Democratic Presidential and SAM party State Committee election only. “Voters just need to fill out the absentee ballot application they receive in the mail and return it to the Board of Elections in the postage paid envelope provided,” said Steuben Election Commissioners Veronica Olin (R and Kelly Penzuil (D). “Once the application is processed at the Board of Elections the voter will receive their ballot in the mail fill out and return to our office before the June 22 deadline.” For questions call (607) 664-2260 For more information, go to www.Steubencony.org/boe