Reed’s Anti Heroin Legislation

May 10, 2016
WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Tom Reed spoke Monday during his weekly press call about the Opioid epidemic in our region. “We care about the people that are struggling with addiction, their loved ones and those who have lost friends or family due to the horrors of heroin and opioid abuse,” said Reed. “It’s only right that we come together to support a bipartisan solution, as this problem continues to grow.”
Reed says that the House of Representatives is expected to take up multiple proposals later this week to address the opioid abuse issue, some of which are designed to fund community initiatives and provide grant funding for local law enforcement. The bill will also create a database of materials designed to help communities access federal funding and informational material that can be used for enforcement and prevention programs. “Across the aisle and across the country, there is an understanding that we must come together to address this issue, even if we are still working on developing an acceptable compromise to how that should be done. Regardless, we must stand with our law enforcement officers, emergency services personnel and so many others that are on the front lines of this problem,” said Reed. “This bill is only the first step to confronting this issue.”
Reed noted that almost 44 people die from overdoses from prescription painkillers every day, nation-wide.