Nojay Working On County Clerks Bill

May 10, 2016
ALBANY, NY – Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R) is a co-sponsor to Assembly Bill 8201, which Nojay says would increase the percentage of revenue retained by county clerks from fees generated by the administration of motor vehicle services. According to the assemblyman, most counties don’t have a state run DMV office and are only permitted to retain 12.7 percent of the revenue from charged expenses and are subsequently required to provide the state with the remaining revenue.
Under A8201 county-run DMV offices would be permitted to withhold 25 percent of revenue to remain in county government reserves. “For years counties have been straddled with high taxes and unfunded mandates forcing our localities to perform a greater number of responsibilities without the proper funding,” said Nojay. “This legislation is an important step forward as we work to make sure our counties are permitted to keep a greater share of the revenue they generate. It is blatantly unfair for the state to force our local governments to provide state services without having a say or be provided the funding to do so. This legislation continues permitting local governments to carry out DMV functions but allows our counties to retain a greater share of the revenue they receive from fee based transactions. It will provide our counties with much needed revenue to keep property taxes low and to improve our roads and bridges.”