Alfred-Almond Superintendent Condemns Common Core

November 5, 2013

At Alfred-Almond Central School on Monday night, School Superintendent Rich Calkins gave his presentation on Common Core.

Calkins denounced Common Core, saying that those who are forcing it on Alfred-Almond Central don’t have any concept of who the people of the Alfred-Almond School District are, and what the school system is about.

Calkins says he’s spoken with the state education department, telling them that they’ve got to slow down, because students are going through too many changes. “The teachers and students are being hit again and again and again, with change after change after change,” Calkins told those present in the audience. Calkins referred to Common Core as a “sweeping change”, and said that “the cart goes before the horse.” He also condemned the state for creating a standard without knowing what the standard is, and forcing change without giving the resources to support the change.