Alfred Mayor: Police Are Not Stopping Cars In Alfred Over Covid Masks

September 14, 2020

ALFRED, NY – Alfred village Mayor Becky Prophet says there’s no truth to social media rumors about Alfred police stopping cars to see if people are wearing Covid-19 masks. The Alfred mayor says according to the new law, if you were already pulled over for traffic violations, you could be also possibly charged with mask law violations. Also, the Alfred mayor says there are no party busting, as part of the new Covid law. Prophet says that’s up to the two colleges.

See full statement below:
There is a good deal of misinformation on social media. Police in the Village will not be stopping cars to check to see if masks are being worn by non-family members in the same vehicle. Police will be stopping cars that are breaking traffic laws. In those circumstances, mask laws could also be enforced. The same is true of “busting parties.” That oversight is up to the two campuses. Police will only enter private property (as with stopping cars) for probable or reasonable cause.

Frankly put, wearing a mask when social distance cannot be maintained is a commitment to the community to participate in keeping everyone healthy. Why is that such a problem? The US is approaching 200,000 deaths from corona virus infections or complications. Why is keeping our businesses and our fellow human beings healthy and alive and therefore our businesses, campuses, and community thriving bringing so much outcry, when it should be a matter of responsibility and humane respect for all around us? Mask up, please, to save your jobs, save our community and enjoy the benefits of happy, healthy neighbors and a bustling village. We are all in this together.