Andrew Guiliani Banned From CBS Debate – Due To Vax Rules

June 12, 2022

From The Andrew Guiliani Campaign:

GOP gubernatorial candidate Andrew Giuliani is holding press conference Sunday morning to protest vaccine mandates that continue to discriminate against first responders and healthcare workers. He will be joined by health freedom advocates.

After learning last week that he himself will be barred from debating his opponents in person at WCBS’s TV studio Monday night because of the network’s vaccine mandate, Giuliani renews his campaign pledge to right these wrongs against the men and women who protect and serve New York City.

In a letter to CBS executives, Giuliani wrote, “While [your rules] will disrupt Monday’s debate, the true injustice is that policies such as these have deprived front-line heroes such as firefighters, police and healthcare workers of employment and benefits.”

Giuliani promises that when he takes office on January 1, 2023, he will ensure that any city or state employee fired because of the mandates will be re-hired with back pay.

As the only gubernatorial candidate who refused to provide WCBS with a Covid vaccination card, Giuliani will participate in Monday evening’s debate remotely.

From The Zeldin For Governor Campaign:
“The CBS2 GOP Primary debate for NY Governor is tomorrow at 7pm. I just learned that one of my 3 opponents will be participating virtually. All 4 of us must be on stage attending in person. The remote option is a nonstarter. Also, the reason to have him virtual is ridiculous.”