Arkport Central Is Qualified To Be Removed From Focused School List

August 14, 2014

niles pic 2

ARKPORT, NY – Arkport Central School Superintendent Glenn Niles announced at Wednesday’s school board meeting that Arkport Central has qualified to be removed from the Focused School List.

According to the superintendent, for this to be official, one more report needs to be turned in: the district comprehensive educational plan.

“We’re off the list,” Niles told those present.  “Because we’re off the list, there are no financial connections to it, which means we don’t have to do any specific set asides.  And this year, coming up, were we not taken off the list, those set asides would have totaled around $86,000, which is a significant portion of our entitle funds, said Niles.  “We’re hoping to stay off the list.”