Arkport Village Board Gets Update on Horan, Mauro Case

May 17, 2016

Arkport, NY – Village attorney John Vogel was at Tuesday evenings Arkport village board meeting to update them on what’s going on with the Margaret Horan and Bob Mauro case. Vogel explained that Mauro and Horan wrote themselves checks for unused sick and vacation time during the years 2006-08 and that after years of litigation and a trial last November the courts ruled that the money was illegally obtained and ordered the money to be reimbursed with 9% interest per year. Horan owes $25,749 plus interest and Mauro owes $14,331 plus interest.

“The hard part is collecting the money, that’s the next step,” said Vogel. He went on to explain there are various techniques that can be used to collect the money, the most popular being to garnish the persons wage at 10% of the gross until it’s paid off. “You can also seize motor vehicles and property if there are no leans against them,” said Vogel, and he warned that a lot of judgments go unpaid. Arkport village mayor Charlie Flanders patted Vogel on the back after his presentation and said, “I guess you did well.”