At Hornell Council Meeting, Hogan Speaks Out About Hospital

January 19, 2015

HORNELL N.Y. – Mayor Shawn Hogan met with the Common Council on Monday night to approve three resolutions. Shawn Hogan first addressed the council and spectators on the importance of Dr Martin Luther King’s contribution to the country in the area of civil rights and advised the attendees to watch the movie Selma.

Touching on the topic of the hospital, Mayor Hogan said he was not going to back off, because of the lack of certain services, such as a maternity ward in Hornell.

Click here to hear full segment from Mayor Hogan, talking about St. James.

The council unanimously approved the Re-appointment of Suzanne Knapp, Diana Hovorka, and Rexford Wiggers to the Hornell Public Library board of directors. The appointment is for a three year term beginning on February 1 of this year, and will expire on January 31, 2018.

The Council also approved the resolution to appoint Richard Argentieri of 69 Jane Street to the Zoning board of appeals. That post is a five year term running from February 1, 2015 til January 31, 2020.

The third action concerning resolutions the council approved unanimously, the acceptance of a grant from the state of New York department of transportation, in the amount of $499,760.00 for the operation of the Hornell Area Transit system which serves Eastern Allegany county and Western Steuben county. The funds will pay for the operation and subsequent maintenance of the buses that serve the area in and around the Maple City.