Buckley: If Elected, We’ll Keep Doing Town Halls

November 3, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Hornell GOP candidate for Mayor John Buckley says that if elected mayor, he’ll continue having town halls with elected officials.
See full statement below:

– Continuation of town hall meetings with representatives from all levels of government to give residents access to their elected officials to discuss important Federal, State and County issues of the day.

– Partner with City Council members to conduct neighborhood/ward meetings to discuss important local issues. Include City department heads including Police, Fire, Codes, and DPW.

I believe keeping Hornell residents informed and engaged on issues is very important. That is why, over the course of the last eight years, I’ve held over 20 town hall meetings in the City of Hornell.

During these town hall meetings, I have had guests from all levels of government along with school district officials. Guests have included multiple congressmen, state senators, assemblymen, county legislators, school district superintendents and more. During these town hall meetings, we have covered topics including healthcare, the opioid epidemic, education, the SAFE Act and of course many local issues.

In September, I wrapped up a very successful City wide Summer Porch Tour. While visiting with residents, I was able to hear concerns and respond to questions directly from them. I greatly value input from our community. Whether it’s ideas and suggestions or concerns and complaints, it is important to listen to City residents.

Residents deserve outstanding customer service, and the first and most important step in providing that service is to listen. I believe elected representatives are most effective in serving the public when the public is engaged and informed. That is why I plan to continue with town hall meetings and more localized ward meetings.