Buckley Kicks off Summer Campaign Tour

June 20, 2017

HORNELL, NY – 9th Ward Alderman and Deputy Mayor John Buckley kicked off his summer campaign tour by greeting residents on the porch of Steve and Erin Shinebarger’s on Crosby Street Tuesday evening.

Buckley, who plans on visiting all 10 wards throughout the city this summer, greeted residents and answered any questions they had about his future plans for the city if he is elected.

So far, no candidate has officially announced running for the position other that John Buckley. According to Buckley, candidates affiliated with a party have until mid-July and independent write-ins have as long as August to officially run.

Also taking place was an official an announcement and endorsement for local dentist Steve Shinebarger to take Buckley’s place and run for 9th Ward Alderman.

Buckley said his next weekly stop will probably will bring him to the 6th ward with the date and time to be announced.