Canisteo BOE to Research 7th Grade Merger

March 13, 2017

CANISTEO, NY – After hearing a recommendation from an outside consultant Ron DeCarli on the best us of the Canisteo-Greenwood School Facilities at last month’s board of education meeting to consider merging the 7th grade into the high school there was a lengthy discussion about how to proceed with the idea at this month’s meeting. Superintendent Jeremy Palotti basically wanted feedback from the board about how they felt. Board member Doug Brown said his major concern was the influx of 70 plus students into the high school and the possible burden, or overburden it might place on teaching staff.

Board president Mike Nesbit also chimed in questioning the entire reasoning behind the move and more clarifications on the pros and cons is needed. “If we do decide to go in that direction,” said Nesbit. “It should be an all or nothing decision. We don’t want to invest time and money into this and then in two or three years decide to bring it back to the way it is now.”

It was the general consensus from all the board members that input from the teachers and everyone affected should have a major influence on the final decision. As far as a timeline, Palotti said that no deadlines or decisions are imminent, and deeper discussions will continue through the spring and summer.