Canisteo Veterinarian / Village Trustee Grant Seaman to Run for Mayor

February 6, 2017

CANISTEO, NY – Village of Canisteo’s outgoing mayor Bill Tucker announced Monday night that the Republican Caucus has nominated Grant Seaman as his replacement in the upcoming April elections. Seaman, 57, has been a village trustee for numerous years and also runs the Canisteo Veterinary Hospital on 58 West Main Street in the village. Also seeking re-election as trustees are incumbent republicans Jack Beers and Paul Cone. According to Tucker, all three are running unopposed at this point. Canisteo Village firefighter Donald Merring was also elected to replace the late Carl Chase as Fire Commissioner with the term running through 2019.

In other news the village will be meeting with NYSDEC on February 19th about the reclassification of the wastewater treatment plant. According to Tucker, because the state decided to upgrade the classification of the plant, it will cost the village thousands of dollars for retraining. Tucker was not too happy about this stating, “It has been fine with its current classification for many many years, why all of a sudden upgrade it now?” Also the village got a report back from inspections to the village’s water infrastructure. The only major complaint from the state was that the village should start planning to replace old and undersized water mains throughout the village.

And finally in the public comments portion of the meeting village resident Teresa Ambuski was not happy about paying for repairs to her sidewalk from tree damage out of her own pocket. She was also upset about the fact not being able to check out the village codes book from the library. You can see that exchange with Tucker below: