Canisteo Village Hall Stays Under the Tax Cap

April 4, 2016
CANISTEO, NY – After months of budget workshops, number crunching’s, and program cuts, the village of Canisteo was able to come up with a 2016-2017 budget that will stay under the 2% tax cap. Budget Oversight chairman Timothy Harkenrider was happy to announce that that the tax increases for the next fiscal year will be .5% with no need for an override. The total budget comes in at $2,342,262 with $1.6 million in the general fund, $310,000 in the water fund, and $337,000 in sewer. The total taxes collected are only going up $302 over last year at $448,000. On the plus side the village was able to carry over $210,000 in reserve funds. Harkenrider noted that lost assessment value in the village was and will be the hardest part in balancing this and future budgets. Water bills will be increasing $.05 from $3.90 to $3.95 per thousand of assessed value.

Mayor Bill Tucker gave a brief update on the planned fire district between the village and town of Canisteo, and Hartsville. “I have been talking to the Canisteo Town Supervisor, village lawyer, town lawyer, and soon will be meeting with the Hartsville town supervisor to sit down and discuss whether it will be feasible to move forward,” explained Tucker. Tucker reiterated the fact that the village is all for it and hopes to convince the other districts to join.

In other news the board announced that the process is well under way for a medical supply company to occupy the Feenaughty & Allen building on 6th Street.
And the Canisteo Rotary Club was granted permission to again use the area of South Main Street and Lower Maple Street for the “Music in the Park” concert series to be held on Wednesdays for the month of July.