City Awards Bid for New Shawmut Park Trail Development

November 17, 2016

HORNELL, NY – It was announced at Thursday mornings Board of Public Works meeting that a bid has been awarded for the new Shawmut Park bicycle trail. Dolomite Products Company (Formerly AL Blades) was the lowest bidder at $375,913. Of that figure, the city will be responsible for $80,000 with the rest being picked up by the states TAP program.

On December 7th, students from the Alfred State architectural program will be giving a presentation at the Community Arts Center from 5pm to 7pm showing off their streetscape work and building designs. One display from the students was the suggestion that the city move to LED lighting. The city already has signed a proposal to take out the entire city owned decorative lighting in center city and replace it with LED’s. According to Mayor Shawn Hogan the payback on that will be less than one year on energy savings.

The city has also been searching for a replacement for their Vactor (sewer) truck which is currently 18 years old. One of interest is a 2015 Vac truck out of New Jersey at a cost of $250,000. The city plans on a lease to purchase plan with $75,000 down which will not affect the city’s debt. A new truck would cost upwards of $325,000.