Hornell Will Move Forward Exploring Community Choice Aggregation Programs

December 19, 2016

HORNELL, NY – The Common Council passed a resolution Monday night allowing the city to further pursue an administrative agreement with the Municipal Electric and Gas Alliance (MEGA).

Once a program like this is in place, the city will be able to negotiate bulk rates for gas and electric for the entire city at a discount. Hogan said that the key to saving money on these programs is a large participation.

MEGA gave a presentation to the Common Council a few months back and now they have a green light to conduct community awareness programs, seminars, and Town Hall meetings throughout the city.

MEGA explained at their last presentation that they need at least 50,000 residents to move forward so it will take participation from Elmira, Corning, and Bath also. Hogan said one the program is rolling people should see an average of 2-3% savings on their electric bill.

Hogan stressed that at this point there is absolutely no cost or commitments to the program and that gas rates could be included in the future if it is successful.