City of Hornell Acquires New Lane – Has Plans for Crosby Street

October 17th, 2019

HORNELL, NY – At the monthly DPW meeting the board adopted a resolution to acquire Curtis Lane from a private individual. The alleyway is behind the new Boces house located at 63 Genesee St. and is roughly 10’ wide and 160’ long. According to Buckley, it’s actually a win for the city as it will add to the street inventory and CHIPS funding and relieve the maintenance from the previous owner. DPW head Mitch Cornish said the city has plans to pave it and put a streetlight there sometime in the future.

Also mentioned in the meeting was that the newest Boces house erected on Genesee St. is almost complete with all that left is a heating unit to be installed. “This is the 9th house we have built in the city,” said the Mayor, “and we have plans for a 10th on Front Street possibly next year. Those houses alone have increased our tax rolls by around $1 million, filled empty lots, and brightened the appearance of their surrounding neighborhoods.”

Water Polution Control plant Chief Rich Dunning reported that everything is going well at the plant. His crew has been spreading sludge and is approaching the 2 million gallon mark. “We are in the best shape we have been in in a long time,” said Dunning, “and there will be no trips to Wayland for costly disposal this year.” Dunning also said he crew has just begun testing for ultraviolent transmittents in their waste and those results will have an impact on what direction they take in the future.

Mitch Cornish reported that as soon as all the possible funding has been gathered, Crosby Street is in for a major overhaul. “Total state funding for road repair for 4 counties totals is about $3 million, and the total amount to rebuild Crosby Street is $4.4 million,” said Cornish, “so we are still reaching out for any grants we can get.” Buckley added, “Crosby Street is in dire need of reconstruction, but instead of the usual “mill and fill” method, we have to start with the waterlines and rebuild everything. This is a very expensive project and I am diligently working on funds to get that done.”