Common Council Tables Vote On Bryant School

June 22, 2021

HORNELL, NY – There was a community forum at 6:30 Monday night, regarding the status and future of Bryant School. Some concerned citizens that were in attendance voiced their concerns over the recent 3-2 vote by City Aldermen to approve the transition of the school into low income housing. One citizen questioned why the vote was not approved 3-2 last Monday but then a second meeting was held three days later because one of the Aldermen (Argentieri) that voted against it changed his mind and voted for it, thus overturning the initial vote. Some in attendance voiced their concerns that the ward doesn’t need another low income housing unit as they already have River Bend and the Projects.

Local Law #2 of 2021–Rezone 173 Terry Street–Bryant School. Vote was 5-5 to table the discussion. Mayor John Buckley had the tie-breaking vote whether to table the discussion or hold the vote tonight. Mayor Buckley voted to table it so that a better understanding of the rezoning can be understood and all facts are presented.

Budget Amendment–FEMA Grant—Equipment—Approved unanimously

Re-Appoint Missy Logan as Marriage Officer—Approved unanimously

Amend Code 210-10 to include Cannibus—Approved

Traffic Ordiance#728—E. Main Street Circle–Approved Unanimously that no parking on street

Smoking Ordinance #729–Municipal Parks–Voted unanimously no smoking in city parks

Statement From Deputy Mayor/6th Ward Alderwoman Jessica Cleveland:

“The Bryant School sits near the center of the 6th ward and as the 6th ward alderwoman, I wanted to make a statement regarding the vote tonight. The residents in the 6th ward are most affected by this project. I realize it’s frustrating and many want to move forward on the issue. However, the worst outcome would have been what already happened with the Law and Ordinance committee and have a vote that could change with more information. It would send a message of inconsistency on what is already a divisive, difficult issue. It’s vital that we make a fully-informed vote. For those that attended the public hearing, the changing vote and two Law and Ordinance committee meetings made this issue even more contentious. It’s true leadership and governance to get all of the information needed to make a decisive vote. It’s not a political decision, but the most prudent action to take at this time.”
Click here to read Alderman Rich Argentieri’s response.