Congressman Reed: No To Ground Troops and TPA

November 16, 2015
Congressman Tom Reed (R, Corning) was asked today about boots on the ground in Syria. The question came during Reed’s weekly press call with reporters, and Reed said no to that idea quickly. “There is no doubt that I would have the highest confidence in the success of our men and women if they were asked to fulfill such a mission,” Reed told WLEA News. “My fundemental concern comes back to strategy. If we were to go down that path, what is that strategy? What is victory? And until we can clearly identify that, I am not going to support putting boots on the ground in Syria. Reed instead called for air strikes. “I think what we should be doing is engaging in bombing expansions.”
The Corning Republican also spoke out on the topic of TPA. “Passing TPA earlier this year was vital to ensuring the public and members of Congress had the chance to see this agreement, to read it, and weigh in with their thoughts prior to its passage,” said Reed. “It’s obvious to me that those who took a position on the agreement before the text was public were playing politics. We have done the work to make sure our positions are based on actual information as that is the right way people should make decisions in critical issues facing the American worker.”