Hepatitis A In Waterloo Restaurant Worker

November 16, 2015
BATH – Lorelei Wagner From the county health department issued the following statement on Monday afternoon:
The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and the Seneca County Health Department (SCHD) have confirmed a case of hepatitis A in an individual who worked for several days while infectious at McDonalds located at 2500 Mound Road Waterloo, NY. This may have put customers and coworkers at that McDonalds at risk of acquiring hepatitis A.
Public health officials are stressing there is a low risk of contracting illness, however, individuals who have not been previously vaccinated for Hepatitis A and who consumed food/drink from McDonalds (in Waterloo) on the following dates should consider preventive treatment this week.

Date Visited Waterloo McDonalds: Must Receive Vaccine By:
Thursday, October 29 Too late for treatment, be alert for symptoms in next 2-6 weeks
Saturday, October 31 Too late for treatment, be alert for symptoms in next 2-6 weeks
Monday, November 2 Monday, November 16
Tuesday, November 3 Tuesday, November 17
Thursday, November 5 Thursday, November 19
Friday, November 6 Friday, November 20
Sunday, November 8 Sunday, November 22

Exposed persons residing outside of Seneca County are advised to contact their health care provider or local health department for information about how to receive treatment. To be effective, the vaccine or immune globulin should be administered within 14 days of the last potential exposure.
Those exposed persons who should receive treatment include individuals who:
1. Ate at the McDonalds on Route 414 and Mound Road in Waterloo, NY on Monday, November 2, Tuesday, November 3, Thursday, November 5, Friday, November 6, and Sunday, November 8
2. Have no prior history of immunization against hepatitis A or diagnosis of hepatitis A infection.
Persons who have been vaccinated against hepatitis A or have had hepatitis A disease in the past are protected from hepatitis A infection, and there is no need for further action. Contact Steuben County Public Health or your local health department with questions at 607-664-2438 or 1-800-836-4444.

Lorelei Wagner, MPH, CHES
Public Health Education Coordinator