Congressman Reed’s Reaction To Pres Trump’s Tweet

July 16, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC – During today’s weekly press call, Congressman Tom Reed stated the following points:

A He opposes the president’s statements about members of The Squad should leave the country if they don’t like it
B Reed says he strongly disagrees with members of the Squad’s politics
C Reed says he’s against the House having a vote to say that the president is racist
D Reed says he does not think President Trump is a racist

“Obviously, the reference to ‘going back to the country that you came from’, I can understand how that can be interpreted the way it’s being interpreted, but as I said then, and I say again today, what my objection stems from is that style and that form, and that statement being utilized the way that it was,” Reed told reporters during today’s press call. “But I still will join with the concern that is raised, and as I said in that statement yesterday, this apologizing for America, this belief, as I see not only in the district but across the country, that America is a “bad actor”, quote-unquote, that we are the cause, of much of the world’s problems, and that America is engaging in policies that is doing harm around the world, I disagree with that. And as I said in that statement yesterday, that I will never apologize for America. America can always do better, but I will tell you, we should be applauding America, we should be standing with Lady America, and we should be proud of America, not apologizing to the world for our great country.”