Village of Arkport Update

July 16th, 2019

ARKPORT, NY – Arkport Village Trustee Jon Hedges announced Tuesday evening that Arkport will be seeking another grant for up to $250,000 for water infrastructure upgrades that are mandated by the Department of Health. According to Hedges, they are requiring them to upgrade or replace many more aspects of their initial water project than they anticipated at a substantial increase in costs.

The Village plans to submit a letter to the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund for financial assistance for a fence around the building and a backup UV system. The grant, which has to be submitted by the end of August, will bundle together a bunch of required upgrades and hopefully relieve the village of an added expense which they would have to cover.

In other Village news, Tom Hunt reported that one lot was sold and one burial occurred at the cemetery. Also, Code enforcement officer Bill Rusby reported that he sold 5 building permits for the months of May and June.

DPW Chief Logan Sliter had some good news for the board, announcing that 90% of the water pipes are in for the water project upgrade, but still need to be pressure tested and chlorinated before going into service.

Sliter also told the board that they are having lots of problems with the new water main on Oak Hill St. The have already fixed 4 leaks, and still have more leaks to be located and repaired. Sliter also said that the village 2011 f-450 needs to go into the shop and have a new hydraulic tank replaced, and the F550 should have its brakes checked.

At the book center Cathy Smith reported that there was a total of of 243 books checked out from the book center in June. This included 109 Arkport owned books and 62 books from STLS. 71 people visited the book center with 33 of those children from Lisa’s daycare.

The village also announced that they will be looking for a crossing guard for September and anyone interested should call Village Hall at 295-7346.

And finally, and probably the best news of the day for the board and all in attendance, was that Mayor Charlie Flanders cancer is in complete remission after undergoing extensive treatment over the last few months. Flanders said that he will find out in the near future whether additional surgery will be necessary.