DCCC Says Reed Is Not Funding Anti-Zika Measure…Reed Says That’s Not True

May 25, 2016

    The Democrats Congressional Campaign Committee sent out the following statement about Congressman Tom Reed and house funding for the Zika Virus:

“Tom Reed once again blocks vote on full Zika funding. Zika is a massive public health threat poised to infect large numbers of Americans this summer, yet today, Congressman Tom Reed voted for the fourth time against consideration of fully funding our response to this crisis. The CDC and President Obama have requested $1.9 billion in emergency funds, but the House has only voted to provide about one third of that amount. Today, after three previous unsuccessful attempts, Reed had another chance to adequately address this threat head-on, but passed.
“Rather than heeding the advice of health experts and proactively addressing Zika before the summer mosquito season, Congressman Tom Reed is sucking disease prevention efforts dry by refusing to fully fund the Center for Disease Control’s efforts,” said Bryan Lesswing at the DCCC. “Reed apparently thinks we can tackle Zika with only a third of what CDC needs.”


    Congressman Reed’s Campaign Spokesperson Amy Hasenberg responded below:

“Tom is dedicated to furthering medical research to address diseases that threaten our families,” stated Amy Hasenberg, Tom Reed for Congress Spokeswoman. “That is why he supported federal funding to address the threat of Zika Virus by allocating $1.2 billion. The White House has yet to give any specifics on how these funds will be spent, but they are criticizing our efforts to ensure that these funds are utilized in a way that helps the American people.”
The House voted in support of giving $622 million in new funding to address the threat of Zika. On top of this funding, the House re-purposed $589 million of unused Ebola funds to go towards addressing Zika Virus. The total amount of funding is $1.2 billion.
“The DCCC does not understand how these funds are being allocated. The White House simply wants more unaccountable money. Tom is working to create fair policies that help our families. That is why has worked to repeal Obamacare, supported the 21st Century Cures Act, Cancer Mission 2020, and it is why he is dedicated to helping combat the threat of Zika Virus,” said Hasenberg.