Democrat Ian Golden’s Reaction to the State of the Union

January 31, 2018

Ian Golden, Candidate for Congress in New York’s 23rd District, issued a response to the first State of the Union remarks from President Donald Trump.

“Tonight’s State of the Union address was exactly what we all expected. Some broad, scripted talking points with no actual solutions. I was encouraged to listen to the President discuss an infrastructure package but extremely disappointed that he failed to address the skyrocketing costs of prescription drugs and health insurance with any substance or plan. He talked about the stock market and Wall Street profits, but missed on the plan to give workers the share they’ve earned,” Golden stated.

Golden has laid out specific plans to address issues ranging from income inequality and job creation to government corruption and big money influence over our elected officials. These positions can be found at
“The tax plan he touts is rushed and dangerous, not an achievement our elected officials should be proud about. Forty-five percent of all households in our district are struggling desperately to make ends meet. In the long run all working men and women suffer from the temporary tax cuts for us and the permanent tax cuts for corporations. My opponent has been a rubber stamp every step of the way and we deserve better,” he added.