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Dems Want State GOP Chairman Cox Investigated Over Fracking

Dems Pushing For State GOP Chairman To Be Investigated

November 26, 2013

ALBANY, NY – State Senators Tim Kennedy (D, Buffalo) and Jeff Klein (D, Bronx) have filed a complaint against State GOP Chairman Ed Cox, because Cox has been speaking out about hydrofracking. “The commission ‘should investigate whether or not Mr. Cox is using his position as a chair of one of the state’s major parties to shill for the billion-dollar gas industry and his own financial benefit,”, Kennedy wrote in a letter to J-Cope.

As a guest on yesterday’s Fred Dicker show, Cox accused Governor Andrew Cuomo of corrupting his own ethics commission. Dicker himself commented that J-COPE is overstepping it’s bounds, by trying to stop the state’s GOP chairman from speaking on an issue. “What if any jurisdiction would this joint commission on public ethics have on what you can speak about,” Dicker asked, Dicker called senators Kennedy and Klein “the governor’s surrogates”, and said the complaint against Cox was one of the “most preposterous things I’ve ever seen.”

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