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Nojay: Don’t Expect NYSUT Leaders To Fight Common Core

Nojay: Don’t Expect Teacher Union Leadship To Go Against Common Core

November 25, 2013

ALBANY, NY – In spite of the many teacher-led protests in Steuben County, Monroe County and Long Island, of Common Core, Assemblyman Bill Nojay (R, PIttsford) told Kevin Doran on today’s WLEA Newsmaker Show that teacher union leadership in New York State will not fight Common Core.

“Interestingly, the leaders of the teacher’s unions are for it (Common Core),” Nojay said on WLEA today. “But the rank and file teachers are against it,” the Republican Assemblyman told Kevin Doran on the Newsmaker Show. “There is money attached to Common Core:New York State got 700 million dollars. It puts New York State on a trajectory to hire more teachers, because of the various requirements of Common Core, and more teachers mean more union members, which means more money for the teachers union’s higher ups,” said Nojay. “On the other hand, it makes life miserable for rank and file teachers, which is why they’re against it.”

The New York State Union of Teachers website posts the following statement regarding Common Core:

“NYSUT supports the Common Core Learning Standards as they are deeper, clearer, and if implemented appropriately, they have the potential to improve student learning. Educators across New York state have made it clear that additional resources are required to make the implementation of the Common Core standards a success.”

Nojay recently came out against Common Core, and says he will co-sign legislation to pull New York State from Common Core. “It’s one size fits all, it has little flexibility, and it really turns the classroom teacher into somebody that just does rote memorization. It demeans the average teacher,” Nojay told Kevin Doran on today’s Newsmaker Show.

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