Senate Republicans Issue Tax Report

Senate Republicans Issue Tax Report

November 25, 2013

ALBANY, NY – State Senate Republicans have issued a tax report. In it, the GOP senators note numerous negative statistics about the state’s economic condition, and calls for reducing personal income tax rates and estate taxes, reducing or eliminating corporate taxes, getting rid of taxes on manufacturers, and other reforms.

State Senator Cathy Young (R, Olean) hopes that changes can be made to keep young New Yorkers from leaving the state. “With the real and substantial tax cuts and reforms we are proposing,taxpayers and small businesses will get the relief they need and deserve,” said Senator Young. “We are proposing strong and meaningful changes that will significantlyreduce the tax burden on New Yorkers at every level, significantly
improving our business climate, creating good jobs, and giving young people
the opportunities they need to be able to stay here after graduating.”

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