Former Almond Volunteer Fire Dept. Treasurer Arrested

August 8 2014

ALMOND, NY – State Comptroller Tom Dinapoli is reporting that  Sally Dieter, 40, the former Almond Volunteer Fire Department Treasurer, is accused of stealing $22,000 in cash.

Dieter, according to the state comptroller, is alleged to have stolen fundraising money, and written checks to herself.   The charge against her is grand larceny in the 3rd degree.

The state comptroller reports that the auditors found that from 2009 to 2013, Dieter failed to make $18,5000 in deposits, wrote a check to herself for $1500, and is said to have made withdrawn $2,000 from accounts.

“This individual violated the trust of her neighbors by taking money
donated to promote the safety of their community,” DiNapoli said. “This  arrest serves as a wake-up call to volunteer fire departments statewide:  Keep an eye on your cash. Donors rely on you to safeguard and use contributions appropriately. My office will continue to work with law enforcement statewide to root out public corruption and hold wrongdoers  accountable. I thank the New York State Police and Allegany District Attorney Keith Slep for their diligent work on this case.”