Gov. Cuomo Slams Washington Over Puerto Rico

August 10, 2018

ALBANY, NY – Governor Andrew Cuomo says that the death toll from the hurricane in Puerto Rico is now over 1400. The governor also says that Washington should do something to help.

“A report released by the Puerto Rican government today estimates that more than 1,400 people may have died in the aftermath of the storm. The shocking death toll underscores the scale of the tragedy as well as the extent of the federal government’s failure to respond to this crisis. This tragedy was not just the result of Mother Nature’s fury, but the direct consequence of President Trump and the federal government’s incompetence and neglect of the people of Puerto Rico.

“It is far past time that the federal government take responsibility for its failure and deliver the full federal aid requested by Puerto Rico. In New York, we continue to mourn for the lives lost and for all those who were impacted by Hurricane Maria. And we will continue to walk with Puerto Rico every step of the way on her long path to full recovery.”