Gov. Cuomo’s Statement About Utility Companies and Recent Storms

March 23, 2018

ALBANY, NY – Statement From Governor Andrew Cuomo:

“I believe it is imperative that the commitments made to New Yorkers by those who operate utilities on which we all rely be held accountable. The utility companies have proven time and time again that they have not yet adapted to handling the “new normal” of the frequency and ferocity of our weather patterns. Extended power outages are not just a nuisance, they pose a public safety and health risk. Likewise, based on PSC’s recent orders and public reports, Charter Communications has been delinquent on their agreement to provide broadband to New Yorkers. The State has undertaken a $1 billion program to provide 100 percent high speed broadband to the people of New York. Approval of the Charter Communications acquisition was conditioned on timely performance. Such a breach cannot be tolerated as it places New Yorkers at a competitive disadvantage. Absolute diligence should be the PSC standard.”