Governor Cuomo: The Subway In NYC Is Safe

September 25, 2014

NEW YORK, NY – Click here to see video of Governor’s Statement

Governor Andrew Cuomo has issued the following statement: 
“The train was right on time. Congratulations to the Chairman of the MTA. Our message today is very simple. There is no doubt that given what this country is doing, fighting terrorism as it should be, that there is an increased tension. The nation has taken aggressive action as it should. And obviously every New Yorker is aware of that and every New Yorker is aware that New York is a potential target for retaliation by these terrorist networks.”

“Since the tensions first escalated, we have been working very hard, literally seven days a week to make sure that New York is more prepared than it has ever been before. We have probably the best law enforcement talent in the country, truly, right here, New York, New Jersey. Between New York City, The NYPD the FBI, we have been coordinating those agencies like never before and we believe that our state of preparedness is higher than it has ever been since 9/11. And the agencies are working better together than they ever have been.”

“We are aware that there is info about possible threats. There is no credible information about any specific threats to the New York City subway system. The New York City subway system is safe to ride. Prendergast is riding the system, who is responsible for the system, I’m riding the system, and so should every New Yorker.”

“Remember also that fundamentally what the terrorists are trying to do is disrupt our lifestyle and disrupt our democracy. And we shouldn’t let them do that in any matter, shape or form. Go about your business, go about your day, know that every agency is doing exactly what it should do and that our state of preparedness is higher than ever before. The adage, “If you see something say something” is probably more true than ever before. Part of this is the responsibility of the citizen. If you see something suspicious, you don’t have to be sure, but tell a police officer.”

“You are going to see a greater police presence than you have seen before. You are going to see more city police, more MTA police, PA police, State Police, more K9 units. Don’t be alarmed, if anything that should be comforting. We are increasing resources all across the board. But again, in our efforts, the efforts of our citizens are key – if you see something say something, there is going to be more police available so just say something to a police officer if you see something suspicious.”

Click here to see video