Governor Cuomo To Close Three Prisons

December 21, 2020

ALBANY, NY – It was announced today, that Governor Andrew Cuomo is going to close three prisons: Clinton Correctional’s Annex, Watertown and Gowanda. This is the 12th prison closure the governor has made since 2011.

From State Assemblyman Joe Giglio:

“This is the latest of the governor’s attempts to systematically dismantle the corrections system in New York state, which he has done since day one. The employees who work in corrections will be in greater danger from assault as inmates are transferred within the system.

“The closure of these facilities further illustrates this administration’s lack of concern for public safety and the protection of our citizens. In addition, this action shows complete disregard for the men and women who work at these facilities, as well as their families.

“The permanent closure of these three facilities will change the lives of New Yorkers across the state, and this action to close Gowanda and Watertown Correctional Facilities and Clinton Annex is unconscionable.