Hartsville Exploring Other Options for Fire Coverage

December 13th, 2017

HARTSVILLE, NY – The Hartsville Town Board invited several members from the South Hornell Fire Dept. Wednesday night to answer questions and give a short presentation on the possibility of providing the town with fire coverage starting in 2018. Although the presentation was cut short because of a emergency call, the message is clear, Hartsville is seeking other options for fire and ambulance coverage starting January 1st.

Unhappy with the 23% spike in premiums for coverage over last year from the village of Canisteo’s fire department, and the lack of willingness to negotiate, the town is reaching out to neighboring South Hornell and trying to cement a deal that would see their yearly premium cut in half to $25,000. According to Town Supervisor John Bowles, South Hornell is willing to move forward with the deal provided Hartsville meets certain conditions.

“If we do decide to move in their direction for coverage, they are requiring us to build a large garage and store a pumper tanker truck inside to guarantee better response times,” said the Supervisor, “I think this would be very feasible, considering they are giving us 2 years to complete the project.”

“The next step will be to have a sit down with South Hornell and the village in the coming week and see how this is going to go,” continued Bowles, “there are still some very disturbing questions about the sudden rate hike over last year and also a big concern about the village’s lack of transparency concerning the matter.”

South Hornell would also take over ambulance duties, but only in a transportation roll. A resolution was passed to hold a public hearing on December 27th, prior to a regular meeting at 7pm, to get local residences input.