Town of Hartsville News

December 13th, 2017

HARTSVILLE, NY – A Public Hearing was held and several resolutions were passed Wednesday night in Hartsville’s monthly meeting for December.

The town will be officially purchasing a new Hyundai HL955 loader at a cost of $150,000. They plan on putting $45,000 down, getting a trade in on the old loader of $25,000, and having 4 annual payments of $20,000 with no interest. Hartsville also received an anonymous donation of $25,000 from a Hartsville resident toward the purchase. Although the source was never revealed, Bowles assured everyone that it was definitely not “wind money”.

Dog licenses renewal fees will be going up in the town. It will now cost $10 for a spayed or neutered dog, and $18 for unspayed or unneutered animals. According to Bowles, this has been long coming, and it is still cheaper than what surrounding towns and villages are charging.

Brenda Wise has resigned as Accessor, having taken a secretarial position with Surrogate Court Judge Patrick McAllister, and also Vivian Woodworth has been appointed as Tax Collector. Bowles stated that appointing Woodworth now will allow her to immediately start collections, and also attend a training session in Bath on December 20th, 2017.

Also the town has been penalized by the IRS. According to Bowles, the $503 penalty was levied for paperwork that was never turned in for 2016. “I was really upset about that,” said Bowles, “The money was paid in but the accompanying paperwork was missing so they kind of stuck it to us. It irks me that they never sent a notice, and when they finally did it was a year later in the form of a penalty.”