Hartsville Results

November 3, 2015
HARTSVILLE, NY – What we know so far in Hartsville, where the big issue for the last 10 years has been wind energy, is that there are several races that are still too close to call, because of absentee votes, which we are told, will be counted on November 12.
So far, it looks Mike Palmer is ahead in the supervisor’s race, and that Ron Amidon and David McEvoy are ahead in the town board races, but we don’t know how many absentees there are. We should know today.
Here are the numbers that we just got, from a source at the Hartsville Town Hall:
Mike Muhliesan 118
Mike Palmer 127
Town board race:
David McEvoy 124
Kevin Flaitz 103
Ron Amidon 146
Duane Howe 92
Town Clerk Race:
Stuart Perks 125
Lisa Hamilton 119
Town Highway superintendent
Tom DeWall 64
Ian Henderson 176