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Hartsville Town Board Still Divided on Clerk Appointment

July 12, 2017

HARTSVILLE, NY – For the third month in a row the monthly Hartsville town board meeting was adjourned with no agreement on who should be the next Town Clerk.

Board member Tom Dobell provided documentation to supervisor John Bowles that stated that the replacement clerk must have at least as much experience as the previous clerk. Bowles denied the document had any validity and countered that the appointee only needs to be elected by the town and over 18 years of age.

The Dobell/Bowles disagreement apparently still boils down whether to hire someone with experience such as Kay Miles or hire someone totally new and train them. Miles even spoke out at the meeting offering to fill in as a temporary clerk just so they could conduct a meeting but Bowles did not budge.

Bowles then suggested going into executive session to discuss the matter with Dobell shaking his head stating that it will be a waste of time. After finally agreeing on an executive session the three present board members returned in about 15 minutes with a frustrated look with Bowles abruptly adjourning the meeting.

Residents in attendance are apparently getting frustrated too with constant interruptions and constantly demanding answers. At the conclusion of the meeting Bowles was asked if the Town Justice and Code Enforcement officer had resigned. Bowles reply was that at this point he has not heard anything about it.

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