Hartsville’s Divisiveness Cancels Meeting Before it Starts

June 14, 2017

HARTSVILLE, NY – For the second time in as many weeks the Hartsville Town Board could not agree on the hiring of a Town Clerk. Town Supervisor John Bowles abruptly adjourned the meeting before it officially even started saying, “I guess this meeting is over.”

One person in attendance questioned why the Deputy Town Clerk was not assuming the role in which Bowles replied that because the way people are acting she probably does not want anything to do with these meetings either.

Bowles wanted to again go into an executive session to discuss the appointment of a clerk but board member Tom Dobell was against that. “It’s no use John,” said Dobell, “Nothing has changed since the last meeting and it would be pointless.” Bowles then suggested appointing a temporary clerk and again the board was against that saying that appointing a temp clerk every meeting is not a solution to the problem.

Bowles announced he had received another application/resume for the clerk’s position but Dobell shot that down because the candidate lacked experience. “John you know how I stand on this, I want someone with experience or were not moving forward.” The board has already had several candidates apply without a unanimous agreement on any of them.