Horan Questions why the Arkport Village Board Plans to Appeal Judge Wiggins Decision

September 17th, 2019

ARKPORT, NY – Former Arkport Village Board Clerk Margaret Horan showed up at the monthly Arkport Village Board meeting Tuesday evening and had a few questions for them, “What are you appealing and why? I have already spent over $52,000 on lawyer and legal fees, and now you want to spend tax payer’s money to appeal something that is pretty much cut and dry.”

Horan sued the Arkport Village Board and won recently because Arkport officials labeled her property as agricultural when she claims it has been designated commercial, even before she purchased it back in 1995, and that proof was presented to the Judge who ultimately agreed.

Judge Robert B. Wiggins of the 7th Judicial District Court in Livingston County recently agreed with her and ruled in her favor, labeling the property commercial. She now plans to sell her property to a corporation who plan to put a new Dollar General Store there. The Village Board, along with many residents, vehemently opposes this, with the board deciding to appeal the judge’s decision at the last meeting.

The Board initially had planned to set a date for an informative meeting where questions could be answered and public opinion gathered, but after some lengthy discussion that idea was tabled until the board had more information on the subject and could actually answer with certainty some of the many questions that would be thrown at them. It would be presumed that both parties would have legal representation at the meeting for more accurate responses.