Hornell Looking to Consolidate Transit Facilities with DOT

March 20, 2017

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Mayor Shawn Hogan told members of the Common Council and attending public that the city is seriously looking into combining the HAT bus garage, city DPW garage, village of North Hornell, and the Hornell City School Districts bus garage into one facility through the Dept. of Transportation. According to Hogan, the DOT has just announced they have $32 million available for study grants and/or shared transportation services.

“Our HAT system is located on leased property on Thatcher Street and it’s kind of small to do any real maintenance and our DPW garage is a 1970’s version and lacks many conveniences. Also the school district’s bus garage is small and outdated and they are definitely for consolidation. We still have yet to contact North Hornell Mayor John Falci and see how he feels about the matter, but we plan on moving ahead whether he is interested or not,” explained Hogan.

At this point no funds are being committed; the only funds being sought now are for a study about the feasibility of the idea. “This project is years down the road,” said the Mayor, “but it’s a good idea to get things rolling now.”