Hornell Police Intern Helps Save A Life

March 9, 2023

HORNELL, NY – Hornell Police Chief Ted Murray is publicly thanking an intern who is attending Alfred State College. His name is Amer Alswaf. The Hornell Police Chief says, recently, Amer Alswaf went alomg om a call with officers, and at the scene, a pregnant woman from the middle east, was found to be suffering possible heart issues.

Fortunately, Intern Amer Alswaf was able to translate to the Hornell Police officers what the pregnant woman was saying, which, according to Chief Murray, helped tremendously. “No one at the scene was able to understand what she was saying, because she was Arabic,” Murray explained. “Amer was able to jump right in and be an interpreter for her, and not only be an interpreter for the police but for the fire department, and made her very comfortable, and she was able to get the treatment that she needed. I just wanted to acknowledge him.” Mayor Buckley was very pleased with this news. “Talk about good timing,” Buckley commented.