Hornell To Help Rest of Steuben County With Sales Tax Plan

September 15, 2014

HORNELL, N.Y. – Last night, The City of Hornell Common Council, based on the recommendation from Mayor Shawn Hogan passed a resolution unanimously to enter into an agreement between the Cities of Hornell and Corning, with Steuben County. In the agreement, the City of Hornell will no longer get payment for sales taxes preempted. Steuben County will instead disperse the revenue from the shared pot from both Hornell and Corning. The amount is determined by a three year average from 2010, 2011, and 2012. The city will get 7% from any future growth and a 3 % growth allocation plus added payments to the allocation.

The city will get $200,000.00 over five years, in payments of $80,000 the first year, $60,000 the second year, $40,000 the third year and $20,000 in the fourth year of the new tax plan. Mayor Hogan also reminded the council that the City will still receive the 1% extra sales tax from the county aside from this new tax revenue sharing plan, between the two municipalities.

The Original resolution regarding the imposition and the distribution of sales tax generated within the city of Hornell was passed on April 1, 1969 then later amended on June, 23, 1970 since that time no changes have been made in regards to the collection and distribution of city sales taxes.

Mayor Shawn Hogan reported that the new resolution is in the best interest of the citizens of Hornell and will result in greater revenue for the city budget. The agreement will span a term of five years, whereupon completion will be re-evaluated for either termination or renewal at that time.