Hornellsville News: Flood Insurance Update, Shared Services With The County

May 12, 2015

HORNELLSVILLE, NY  – Hornellsville Town Supervisor Ken Isaman (R)  and the town board have agreed to go into a shared services agreement with Steuben County.  Isaman said that this would save the taxpayers money in the form of rebate checks. Arkport, Hornell, and Canisteo have already agreed to a shared services agreement.


Highway Superintendent Jason Emo was not keen on the idea, stating that the town has new, very capable equipment and is self-sufficient and the rebates to taxpayers would be minimal.



isaman and emo


Arkport Summer fest organizer Bill Robinson met with the board to officially announce the theme and dates for this year’s Summerfest events. “Life on the Farm” will this year’s theme in honor of local farmers and the dates for the event will be July 10, 11, and 12.


bill robinson photo


Also, Hornellsville Town Board member Dan Broughton spoke about how he met with representatives from Empire Access.. More discussion is planned on this at a later date.


Hornellsville board member Bob Mauro met with insurance officials regarding the flood plain and came out of the meeting confident business in that district will be eligible for lower premiums.  One business in particular was ATM. Mauro said, “Although they probably would not be able to get exemption from the flood plain, we should be able to lower their flood insurance substantially.” Mauro has another meeting on May 25, and says he will have more information at that time.