Hornellsville Town News

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April 22, 2015


HORNELLSVILLE, NY – Hornell IDA leader Jim Griffin was at the Hornellsville Town Board meeting last night. Griffin says the IDA will be adding a couple of parcels to the Hornellsville Town tax base. This was something that the Hornellsville Board had to agree to, in order for it to happen, and the Hornellsville board voted in favor of the IDA’s suggestion.


The Hornellsville town hall also met with the South Hornell Fire Dept. recently, and the Hornellsville board agreed to get bids for a new roof for the South Hornell Fire Hall, and a new roof for the Hornellsville Town hall too.


In other Hornellsville news, highway superintendent Jason Emo says the Hornellsville Highway Department is selling their 2000 10-wheeler truck to the Town of South Dansville, for $43,000.


That money will be used to pay for the new Hornellsville highway truck that was just purchased.


Emo also says he’s been helping the humane society a lot, with gravel and road work around the humane society building and the pet cemetary.  And Emo says he’s hiring summer help for $14.00 an hour.



Hornellsville Town Clerk Cheryl Isaman suggested, and the board voted for it, buying two new computers.