Hot Dog Day 2021 – Was it Too Loud?

July 19, 2021

ALFRED, NY – The topic of how Hot Dog Day 2021, was too loud for some, was discussed at the Alfred Village Hall meeting recently. Police Chief Paul Griffith said that the current noise ordinance requires a written complaint for the police to act. Many incidents are not reported, as most residents and students, especially, demure from coming forward. Often the police learn of incidents because St. James Emergency personnel are mandated to make reports.

According to Griffith, the proposed new version of the noise ordinance will allow police to act without a signed complaint. Especially since the proposed law includes instances of prima facie evidence. “Once again [the public hearing] is proposed for when the students are out of town,” said resident Jason Rodd. “May I make the suggestion that the board make the law when the students are here.”