State Dem Chair Jay Jacobs Slams Claudia Tenney

July 19, 2021

From NYS Democrat Chairman Jay Jacob:

“Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney’s blatantly political ploy in convening local Upstate Commissioners of the Board of Elections to hold a hearing on “election integrity” Wednesday night in Herkimer County is simply yet another Trump-driven effort to breath life into the “Big Lie” that the last election was stolen. Moreover, I can assure the Congresswoman that she and her Party hold no monopoly on the desire to see free and fair elections held everywhere in this country. Of all places, New York has among the best checks and balances to ensure that elections here are fair and Tenney knows that. Instead of playing to her radical, extreme, Right Wing conspiracy-theory crazy crowd, she would serve her constituents better by promoting our democracy rather than undermining it.”