Ian Golden Gets Endorsement From Major Dem Organization

April 23, 2018

TOMPKINS COUNTY, NY – Ian Golden (D, Ithaca) has been endorsed by a national organization called Justice Democrats in his race for the Congressman Tom Reed seat in the 23rd congressional district. See full statement from the Golden campaign below.

Ithaca, NY – Ian Golden, small-business owner and Congressional candidate for New York’s 23rd District, has just received the endorsement from Justice Democrats. Justice Democrats is a federal political action committee with the goal to get everyday, working people into Congress.

“We are excited to endorse Ian Golden’s campaign for congress,” Director Alexandra Rojas said. “Justice Democrats strongly believe that Democrats with a real message have the best shot of winning. Ian’s message of addressing income inequality, providing health care for all and a strong public education system are clearly resonating across this upstate district. His passion and authenticity are a step toward healing this country and a more just world.”

“We support Ian and his campaign to unseat Tom Reed,” she added. “The voters in upstate New York are ready for real change. We are certain that Ian Golden is the candidate to inspire and bring about that change.”
In reaction to this endorsement, Ian Golden stated, “I am honored to earn the endorsement of the Justice Democrats and join other candidates who are committed to putting constituents and communities first. This support demonstrates the momentum our campaign is building on a daily basis, and we are excited to keep this building to victory in June and ultimately November.”

“I’m thrilled that candidates across the country are fighting for Medicare for All, workers’ rights, and an investment in the public infrastructure that will carry us all forward. These bread-and-butter issues will make a huge impact on the lives of so many people here in the 23rd District. Becoming a Justice Democrat underscores my promise to prioritize people over profit and influence.”

Justice Democrats was founded by Cenk Uyger and Kyle Kulinski.