IDA to Evict Trikeenan

August 15th, 2018

HORNELL, NY – The Hornell IDA met Wednesday afternoon and unanimously passed a resolution to evict Trikeenan from their building.

According to IDA head Jim Griffin, he has had many conversations with them about unpaid rent and taxes for well over a year and as a result the IDA had no choice but to evict. “They went bankrupt on us in the past between the first Trikeenan and the second and made no provisions to pay up any past bills, they just want to talk about moving forward and in my opinion its time to clear the building out.”

The good news is that the IDA already has a new tenant to replace Trikeenan. Strobels Supply Inc has requested to lease the building with an option to buy. The IDA currently owns the building and has almost $1 million invested in it over the years.

In other news, the IDA has finally reached an agreement to sell two parcels of property to David Juisto for $4000. The 100’ parcel, originally deeded to Riedman Developers, will have a clause where a 20’ permanent easement will be given to neighbor Rob Guy. Juisto has no plans to develop the land, just use it as a barrier.

After hearing the news last week that Lin Industries in the South Yards decided to back out of a deal to expand their building, the IDA has decided to go ahead with renovations on their own at a cost of $5,686. The IDA currently owns the building and leases it to Lin. Renovations are also planned for the parking area surrounding the IDA building at a cost of $3,300.