Reed Visits Life Net Emergency Response Team

August 15th, 2018

Hornell, NY – Congressman Tom Reed visited the Air Methods Base on the Airport Road in Hornell yesterday to meet the hands on employees who save people’s lives daily, and to learn more about the care and resources air medical professionals provide to ensure 24-7-365 readiness for those faced with a life threatening emergency.

LifeNet 7-7, who is sponsored by Guthrie Air, is based out of the Hornell Municipal Airport, started operations in April of 2010. The Flight Crew quarters are located within the hangers and are available for immediate flight request in an emergency anytime bny dispatch or by calling 1-800-HEL-EVAC (435-3822).

Reed’s main goal was to meet the employees responsible, learn a little bit about their jobs, and ensure the service they provide will continue to operate in the future. The company is on call 24-7-365 and will immediately dispatch for those facing with a medical emergency.

At any one time, Air Methods at least employs a pilot, flight nurse, and medic, and service 4 local hospitals 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are a total of 4 pilots employed that work rotating shifts.